Healthy Kitchen for Good Quality Coconut Sugar and Farmers’ Health


A strong soul resides in a healthy body.

We have all grown up hearing hat proverb.

In the context of organic coconut sugar, they have their own expression.

In a healthy kitchen, the high-quality sugar will be able to produce.

Then, how come?

Coconut nectar/sap is a substance known to be sensitive to various contaminants. This includes bacteria, temperature as well as weather changes, and many more.

Hence, one of the critical factors in producing high-quality coconut sugar is the hygiene in the farmers’ kitchen, where coconut nectar is boiled down into coconut sugar.

Cerobong asap untuk dapur sehat tempat produksi gula semut organik

Chimney for the Fire Place


Inagro Jinawi cares deeply about the farmers’ health and welfare, especially women farmers. They play an important role in the families, and apparently in the coconut sugar production process.

Therefore, it can be a strategic issue that requires strong attention and commitment to protect female farmers health and also improve the quality of coconut sugar.

In collaboration with Fair Trade, Inagro Jinawi rolled out a healthy kitchen renovation program for Inagro Jinawi’s coconut sugar farmers. The program goal is to create farmhouse kitchens that meet the requirements of health and hygiene standards.

 In this way, we hope this will help achieving our program goal to benefit women farmers’ health and the organic coconut sugar they produce.

a story from jemah

Pentingnya Dapur Sehat Untuk Kesehatan Perempuan Dan Gula Berkualitas

Jemah, who has been producing coconut sugar over 20 years, is one of Inagro Jinawi’s registered farmers who feels this program benefits.

Before renovating her kitchen, the leftover ashes and smokes which is formed by the burning process plagued her. She would often cough from sucking too much ash & burning residual smoke from her chimney.

Her kitchen renovation included constructing a fireplace with chimney, installing tiles, and moving the firewood storage area into the back of the kitchen (outside the kitchen).

After the renovation, Jemah’s kitchen already fulfils the health and hygiene standards. There are many changes that Jemah feels when she processes the coconut nectar in her new kitchen. Now, she is never disturbed by the smoke and ashes again.

In fact, the smoke and ash, produced from the combustion process, are channeled out through a chimney. Those will end in the firewood storage behind the kitchen. The resulting heat also helps to dry the firewood.

Jemah can handle the lack of dry firewood during the rainiy season.

We hope that all these improvements will improve Jemah’s health and minimize the possibility of product contamination. Increasingly, Jemah’s family welfare will be improved too.