Our story

how it all began

Setya Widiastuti saw the large opportunity to develop organic coconut sugar as an export commodity. This innovation came from her experience when she worked at an NGO to assist the coconut sugar farmers in Banyumas Regency.

Furthermore, the coconut sugar farmers surely faced several challenges. For instance, a low farmer community’s welfare, uncertain product price, poor product quality, farmers’ occupational risk, and many more. Regardless, they made an opportunity for us to assist in overcoming those problems and enhance the farmers welfare as the main goal.

Kartu Asuransi BPJS Petani Gula dampingan Inagro Jinawi

Holding onto that vision, Inagro Jinawi was founded by Setya Widiastuti and her husband on July 9, 2010. The name ‘Inagro Jinawi’ was chosen after reflecting on Indonesia’s natural abundance, known as ‘gemah ripah loh jinawi’ in agricultural goods.

As a result, ‘Inagro Jinawi’ signifies Indonesia’s prosperous agricultural abundance. This perspective laid the foundation for Inagro Jinawi’s production of organic coconut sugar.

At that moment, one of the considered solutions for overcoming their problem was to create a continuous market alternative through product diversification. This included the production of organic coconut sugar granules.

Kartu Asuransi BPJS Petani Gula dampingan Inagro Jinawi