CSR – fair trade

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Inagro Jinawi is committed to supporting our local communities, especially those of the farmers we assist. The following are some of the CSR and Fair-Trade program activities we have carried out.

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Social Security

Coconut sugar farmers involve in high-risk jobs and need to be protected. In addition to prevention efforts, social security, including protection against work-related injuries, is also essential.

Therefore, as a sense of concern to farmers, Inagro Jinawi has social insurance program for registered farmers through the National Employment and Social Insurance Agency of Indonesia.

In addition, Inagro Jinawi provides social funds to farmers affected by disasters.

Farmers Capacity Building & Assistance

Led by Inagro Jinawi, the company is rooted in the community. The most important aspect of this project is farmer empowerment, which is achieved through capacity building and ongoing farmer support.

Our team will provide various training courses to enhance the farmers capacity, accompany them patiently and attentively, which should ultimately lead to better welfare.

We meet regularly to share information and try to work together on the issues that farmers as well as and Inagro Jinawi are facing.

We conduct training on organic and food safety, processing of fine coconut sugar, business management, home economics training and other potential products, such as coffee and coconut oil. In addition, we always strive to raise farmers’ environmental protection awareness.

We also provide capacity building and training for farmers’ network organizers (in this case, the Fair Trade Committee) to ensure that the FT program works well and is useful.

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Healthy Farmers' Processing Facility & Production Equipments

Besides soft skills, Inagro Jinawi also pays great attention to farmers’ infrastructure to produce high-quality organic coconut sugar.

The production facilities support scheme for Inagro Jinawi farmers is one way to show our attention on this commitment. We support them by provide production equipment and renovating their kitchen to become healthier.

Furthermore, as previously explained, coconut sugar farmers have a high occupational risk. Procuring safety belts for farmers is also one of Inagro Jinawi’s programs to improve farmer safety.

We aim to produce high quality organic coconut sugar in a good and healthy processing room. Thus, we can meet the standards set by certification requirements.

Support to the Community (Facilities, Infrastructures, and Humanitarian Aid)

Good environmental facilities and infrastructure will support the smooth operation of community activities. Therefore, Inagro Jinawi also has various programs to improve its environmental facilities and infrastructure. We are engaged in various activities such as repairing damaged roads, repairing landslides, rebuilding damaged farms, and developing infrastructure to support tourism. We also help providing clean water to communities during prolonged droughts.

Inagro Jinawi plays a role in supporting not only the farmers community and people living near the factory, but also the general public. Those efforts include food aid for underprivileged residents, as well as humanitarian assistance for natural disasters victims in Indonesia.

Sertifikat Fair Trade CV Inagro Jinawi
Sertifikat Fair Trade CV Inagro Jinawi

Supporting Community Religion Activity

As a preferred form of worship for Eid al-Adha, Inagro Jinawi regularly donates sacrificial animals such as goats to his Inagro Jinawi care center.

Additionally, Inagro Jinawi has contributed to the renovation of several community places of worship. We also show further commitment by regularly participating in various community religious celebrations.


Supporting Youth Activity, Sport, and Local Wisdom

Our empowerment ethos not only extends to farmers, but also to village communities, including young people.

Our support for youth activities, whether it is hosting sporting events, providing sports infrastructure, or supporting a variety of other youth activities, demonstrates our commitment to supporting youth activities.

Youth and sports activities we have conducted include volleyball tournaments, Indonesian independence celebrations, and recreational hikes with local community participation.

In addition, Inagro Jinawi supports local wisdom by participating in local cultural activities such as wayang (a traditional Javanese doll) performances and Javanese New Year (Suran) celebrations.

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